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Long before we consider a preliminary design, we consider various parameters to ensure success. In addition, cost analyses, feasibility studies, zoning laws, height requirements and more are already included by the time our architectural designs are integrated with other relevant disciplines. Equally important to our macro vision is our unique and careful touch, reflected in our attention to exterior and interior detail to transform your space into a science!

Building Design

Our building projects are divided into phases; this helps to define, among other milestones, payment, information deliverables, decision points, and the need for additional appointments. While some steps are more creative than others, concept design is the first and usually the most creative phase, although a relatively small part of the overall project. A host of non-design activities precede this first phase. These include business planning and justification, brief development, and feasibility studies. Then follows the most non-creative steps: design development, technical design, procurement, and construction.

Brief Development

A statement of your project’s requirements – a brief – provides the basis for appointing one of our architects. A written document, the brief is then translated into or expressed as a first design. This is submitted to you for approval and tweaked to align with your needs. The plan eventually informs the structure or building’s construction.

Project Management

During each phase of your project, project management helps ensure that we deliver on time and in line with your expectations. With meticulous attention to detail, this process includes facilitating design tasks and providing technical advice on specific architectural concepts, should it be required.

Consultant Coordination

Consultant coordination or project management of a group of experts is a critical and time-consuming task. We take the sting out by managing a group of diverse yet essential experts of areas such as human resources, finance, compliance, and accounting on your behalf. Coordinating it in this way ensures a focus on the results required.

Measurement Survey & Drawings

We collaborate closely with specialist land surveyors for measured survey drawings to establish exact dimensions. These inform our working drawings.

Sustainability Advice & Design

We are committed to sustainability in the form of environmental and green architecture. All our projects aim to create healthy living environments in the broader sense. This includes minimising negative environmental impacts, such as energy consumption and the use of human resources.

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